About Us

Charae D’Ambra (pictured left) encountered literally thousands of parents as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner before becoming a parent herself. She soon found very few "toddler friendly" places to hang out together. This ignited her passion to create a space that supported early learning AND provided the connection and caffeine so many parents and caregivers crave. In February of 2014, The Piazza was established in Beverly.

In February of 2018, our second location opened in West Peabody with a lot more square footage and a lot more to manage. That’s when Charae met licensed contractor, Becky Bishop Abbott. Becky has skills in finance, graphic design, music and building, which makes her Charae's dream partner. She and her wonderful husband, Chris, are “all in” in their commitment to their community in Lynn, as well as fulfilling our mission as a business to make life better for the people who care for young children.

When you visit, we hope you’ll sense how much hospitality means to us, because you matter, even with that baby food stuck to your shirt, we are always glad you came, and we recognize your job as the highest in the land.

If you need anything to make your job easier during a visit, please let us know! It’s our pleasure to serve you.

Charae & Becky, Co-Stewards
The Children’s Piazza, LLC